What is Amazon?

Connect your Amazon store to access our predictive inventory intelligence.

How Cogsy and Amazon wok together?

  • If you use either FBA or FBM, connect your Amazon account and automatically sync your product information, your sales history, and upcoming product shipping dates to inform your forecast and inventory needs. Gain deeper insights into trends, and receive replenishment alerts.
  • Cogsy will support both FBA & FBM. In the case of FBA, we’ll track your stock in multiple locations and forecast inventory needs for your multichannel environment.
  • Get replenishment recommendations and easily create purchase orders that automatically include necessary products and quantities.

What data sources are supported by our Amazon integration?

Cogsy can currently ingest the following data from your Amazon account:
  • Product / SKU data
  • Order data
  • Inventory Levels (Stock data)

How can I connect Amazon to Cogsy?

Simply go to Settings -> Integrations page in Cogsy and click the button "Add Integrations" and select Amazon from the list :)

Once connected, you can toggle what data you'd like to sync to Cogsy from Amazon.

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