What is Anvyl?

Anvyl's production management software allows you to centralize data, automate processes, and facilitate collaboration across your supply chain.

How Cogsy and Anvyl wok together?

  • If you are already an Anvyl customer, you can connect your Anvyl account and automatically sync your purchase order data with Cogsy. By syncing your data, gain deeper insights into trends to help your business grow.
  • Receive replenishment alerts and recommendations to easily create purchase orders that automatically include necessary products and quantities. But your team will always have the ability to edit POs before submitting them. Each PO created in Cogsy syncs to your Anvyl account.
  • Changes to purchase orders made in Anvyl are automatically synced to your Cogsy account, therefore providing the most accurate forecasts and updated delivery dates for backordered items.

What data sources are supported by our Anvyl integration?

Cogsy can currently ingest the following data from your Anvyl account:
  • Purchase Orders (ability to read + create)

How can I connect Anvyl to Cogsy?

Simply go to Settings -> Integrations page in Cogsy and click the button "Add Integrations" and select Anvyl from the list :)

Once connected, you can toggle what data you'd like to sync to Cogsy from Anvyl.

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