Marketing Events

The Marketing Events calendar is Cogsy's tool for planning your inventory for upcoming events. 

For example, you might run an on-site promotion, do a big push on social media with an influencer or increase your ad spend. All these types of short events can be added to the marketing events calendar.

How long does it take for Cogsy to consider newly added Marketing Events?

It takes us around 1-2 minutes to detect a new marketing event and then have that considered in your demand planning and forecasting.

I've added a Marketing Event but I don't see any changes to my predicted revenue in my Growth Plan.

The Growth Plan isn't influenced by Marketing Events.

When should I use a Marketing Event and when should I adjust my Growth Plan?

Good question! It's best to use a Marketing Event in the following cases:

  • It's a one-off event
  • It's not seasonal (ie it happens around the same time every year)
  • It's not for most/all of your products

The Growth Plan should be adjusted instead for things like Black Friday, the holidays; basically anything that happens with a discernable pattern. It raises the predictions for your whole inventory, so if you're only promoting a few specific products, it's best to choose a Marketing Event.

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